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Acne can affect any color of skin. It’s bad enough as is, but when acne inflames the skin and leaves behind ugly scars, it can become a lasting annoyance. Acne scars that change the color of affected skin cells are called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and are most noticeable in dark skin [source: American Academy of Dermatology]. If you have acne scars, consider using makeup to cover small areas temporarily. Topical skin lightening moisturizers can speed up the natural process, but only if you use them correctly.You’ll find directions for use on the labels of skin lightening products, but proper use will vary based on the ingredients in the product and your skin type. To avoid complications and speed up the lightening process, talk to your doctor. A physician can examine your hyperpigmentation, recommend products and monitor their use.Some products are safe to use for only around three weeks at a time, while other products may be safe for up to six months [source: Oakley]. Don’t always trust the back of the box; ask your physician how long you should use your lightening cream and how often. Then allow your physician to monitor your treatment in case the formula causes additional skin problems.Less is more when it comes to using a skin lightening moisturizer. It’s best to dab it onto each small dark spot instead of slathering it on an entire body part. If you cover an uneven area that includes both dark spots and normal pigmentation, you run the risk of lightening areas that were not discolored to begin with [source: Janes].Even if you follow a physician’s recommendations for using skin lightening products, there’s no guarantee you won’t run into complications. Keep reading to learn about the health risks that come with eliminating skin spots.

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The Financial Times reported last Wednesday that Pipex is now ready to decide who will win an auction for its remaining Web hosting and business services divisions. There are three bidders who are reportedly being seriously considered, including private equity group Oakley Capital, telecommunications firm Thus Group and German company United Internet.

Pipex did not respond to a request for comment on the Financial Times report.

Earlier this month, UK domain registrar and Web hosting provider 123 reg, a division of Pipex Communications, announced it launched a new range of dedicated servers.

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Fireblade has developed an innovative behavioral approach to website security that inspects users’ behaviors and interactions with valuable website assets. Read more about it in this free white paper.

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Maine agency OKs bond to support paper, pulp jobsThe proceeds will be used to partially finance the purchase and installation of two new tissue making machines and will help St. The $7.5 million taxable bond is supported by the state through its Major Business Expansion Program.The financing will help to create 80 jobs at the mill and another 80 related jobs in the area, state officials said. It also will help its related company retain the 300 existing jobs at the Woodland Pulp facility.Google Glass to feature Ray Ban, Oakley framesGoogle is hoping to make its Internet connected eyewear more stylish as part of a partnership with the makers of Ray Ban and Oakley frames.The alliance with Italian eyewear company Luxottica Group, announced Monday, represents Google latest attempt to make wearable technology look less geeky as it tries to develop new ways to ensure people can stay connected to the Internet wherever they go. Last week, Google disclosed that fashion accessory maker Fossil Group is working on an Internet connected wristwatch that runs Google Android software for mobile devices.Luxottica will develop frames equipped with Google Glass, a computing device that includes a thumbnail sized screen above the wearer right eye to view Internet content. Google has only sold Glass to a select group of test subjects known as who have been mocked for wearing a piece of futuristic eyewear that looks better suited for cyborgs.Cisco to invest over $1 billion in cloud computing networkCisco says it plans to spend more than $1 billion over the next two years to build up its cloud computing network and add a new service to be called Cisco Cloud Services.The move makes the San Jose, Calif. based networking company the latest to enter an arena that caters to the growing number of companies that would rather rent computing space than build their own.

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Two students from West Orange High School are headed to the New York stage. Staci Stout, a junior, and Nate Hicks, a senior, have won Florida’s two National High School Musical Theatre Awards for 2014.

The two recently performed as Annie Oakley and Frank Butler in a school production of “Annie Get Your Gun.” Two two won a statewide competition sponsored by the Straz Performing Arts Center in Tampa, which named one male and one female student as the state’s “Broadway Star of the Future” to represent Florida at a final competition in New York City in July. As national finalists, Staci and Nate will spend one week in New York City and get private coaching, master classes and rehearsals with theatre professionals.

Judges observed productions across the state to look for students that would represent Florida in this national competition. The West Orange production was chosen as one of the top high school productions for this school year. Staci and Nate were among four finalists who competed for the top two spots earlier this month.

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The Bremerton mother of two no longer walks with her children to nearby Evergreen Park. She keeps a close eye on the kids while they wait for the bus. She and her fiance are even giving serious thought to moving.

She is worried about the recent clustering of sex offenders on the 900 block of Washington eight level 2 and level 3 offenders are renting space in that area.

After receiving several calls about the matter, Bremerton Police Community Resource Specialist Andrew Oakley decided to call a special meeting next Tuesday to provide information about the offenders and “clear up misperceptions,” he said.

Police, with help from state Department of Corrections officers who also monitor sex offenders, will explain the laws governing their release from prison.

Oakley said police prefer offenders to have a home than the alternative being homeless, which greatly increases their chances of reoffending.

“They need structure and be able to have jobs just like everybody else,” he said.

But he said he can understand to the anxiety and fear being felt by residents like Fox.

Police knock on the doors of level 3 sex offenders, considered the most likely to re offend, at least once a month, Oakley said. And the address of every sex offender, regardless of level, is verified at least every six months.

Sex offenders are required to register with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office. If they are on probation, they also must check in with Department of Corrections officers.

Oakley added that any time a sex offender is in contact with Bremerton police as a victim, witness, suspect or otherwise the officer must generate a separate report. Those contacts are tracked by police and sent to the Department of Corrections for review.

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Joyce Emily Covey Smith, of Hiwassee, formerly of the Max Creek Community, departed this life on December 9, 2013 at the home of her sister and brother in law, David and Gaynelle Spangler, of Pulaski. She was born on September 21, 1942 to the late Arlie W. and Emily Guynn Covey, also of Max Creek. She was preceded in death by her husband, Billy R. Smith; and two sons, Billy Rae and Julian Raynard Smith; plus a half brother, Oakley Covey and his wife, Sadie O’Dell Covey, of Roanoke.

Left to cherish her memory is her sister Gaynelle Covey Spangler and her husband David B. Spangler, of Pulaski; nephews and their families, Marc and Nancy Bishop and their family, Jeremy and Beth Bishop and baby Abigail and Emily Grace Bishop, Brian and Kelly Bishop and their two children, Caroline Elizabeth and Baby Hunter Bishop, all of Pulaski.

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“The Untold” by Courtney Collins, published in May by Amy Einhorn Books, $26.95.

I enjoyed this tale of Elizabeth Jesse Hickman, a female Australian cattle rustler. She reminded me a bit of Annie Oakley. I appreciated her independence and defiance of her abusive husband. She is no damsel in distress, waiting for her prince to rescue her. Instead, she handles things on her own.

This fast paced adventure is anything but shallow. It’s a fascinating look into life in Australia in the 1920s. I’m excited to read more historical fiction from Collins.

“The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender” by Leslye Walton, published in March by Candlewick, $17.99.

Ava Lavender, the youngest in the Roux family, was born with wings. Her family tries to shelter her from the harsh reality of human experience, but she longs to connect with people and find her niche.

This multigenerational tale of three women living in Seattle captivated me. I loved the dash of magical realism in this saga. It’s a story of love, loss, pain and the beauty that lies within each. I still don’t quite know how to explain why I adored this book.

“Sam and Dave Dig a Hole” by Mac Barnett with illustrations by Jon Klassen, published in October by Candlewick, $16.99.

The text of this delightful children’s picture book is not to be separated from the illustrations. Together they encourage the reader to notice the subtleties in the pictures and imagine what the next page will look like. It’s a witty tale of adventure with a surprising, droll ending.

It reminds me of all the fun my brothers and I had in the backyard. The nostalgia it conjures combines with the humor to make an exciting tale of two explorers digging to depths unknown.

“The Science Book” by DK Publishing, published in July, $25.

This book offers brief explanations of scientific theories, focusing on their history, progression and the people involved. The short summaries of complex thoughts have led to many an “Aha!” moment for me. It’s a fascinating compilation that I’ve enjoyed reading a bit before bed each night. It reads less like a textbook and more like a fun children’s science encyclopedia. It also includes pictures and helpful diagrams.

I can’t wait to read the rest of the “Big Ideas Simply Explained” series, which includes: “The Religion Book,” “The Psychology Book,” “The Economics Book,” “The Business Book,” “The Politics Book” and “The Philosophy Book.”

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Slick conditions with blowing snow caused the closing of Interstate Highway 70 in northwest Kansas on Tuesday, temporarily stalling the procession of travelers headed for Christmas celebrations.

I 70 was closed from Colby west into Colorado on Tuesday morning. The Kansas Highway Patrol reported one semitrailer jackknifed in a westbound lane of the interstate near Goodland.

A Sherman County dispatcher in Goodland said there had been a few crashes and slideoffs. Wind formed snow drifts, and he estimated there was about 2 inches on the ground and more still aloft as the storm front flew south about mid afternoon Tuesday.

At Buckhorn Cafe, at a truck stop near Oakley, workers were busy at noon Tuesday as travelers stopped to wait out the storm.

Lots of holiday traffic

A waitress, who wouldn’t give her name, said there were a lot of families on the road. that I 70 had reopened, and a Colorado Highway Patrol spokeswoman said the interstate was open from the state line west.

“The snow kind of subsided. It’s mostly blowing snow right now,” said Brian Warren, a meteorology technician at the National Weather Service office in Goodland, on Tuesday afternoon.

He said winds were gusting as high as 50 mph.

Farther east, the weather was just a nuisance. A Graham County dispatcher in Hill City reported “a few flurries” through Tuesday afternoon and that it was “colder than blue blazes.”

Light rain, snow in Salina

Light rain mixed with snow persisted throughout the day in Salina.

Despite earlier travel concerns, conditions are expected to improve. The temperature is predicted to rise today to 39 degrees. On Thursday, Christmas Day, the high is expected to reach 52 degrees, and it’s expected to be windy.

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1. He travelled extensively: Malta, Gibraltar, North Africa, the US, South America, the Caribbean, and then over to Australia and New Zealand. His paintings of New Zealand are some of the earliest records we have of what life was like then. He must have had a fascinating time and I’ve always envied artists.2. What year in history would you have liked to live in?So hard to choose! The 1890s sounds fun: Oscar Wilde and Lillie Langtry holding court in London, the Impressionists just across the Channel. Ibsen was writing his plays, the women in NZ were getting the vote   the first country in the world to do so.3. You’re having a dinner party and you can invite 5 people from history, who would they be?Winston Churchill and Nancy Mitford would head the list because with their wit, I think they’d get the conversational ball rolling. I’d love to hear about Sir Walter Raleigh’s adventures and talk to George Sand about her extraordinary life. Finally I’d like Annie Oakley because she too sounds like a remarkable character. Hm, I would have more women than men at the table but I daresay Winston and Walter would cope.4. What castle from the past or present would you like to live in?I’m drawn to the romance of a castle beside a loch in Scotland but I’d only want a small one and I’d like it fully renovated with central heating. Those Scottish winters are cold!5. His output was huge and he tackled a wide range of countries and cultures in his books. I’d also like to go with Diana Gabaldon for her dry sense of humor.6. Who was more dashing and interesting, King Henry VIII of England or King Louis XIV of France?I think I must go with King Louis. It’s in such bad taste to chop off the heads of wives!7. Which of the six wives of King Henry VIII is your favorite?Katherine Parr certainly led an eventful life and I admire her independence of thought. I’m also pleased she and Seymour were finally able to marry.8. English monarchy or French monarchy?English   mainly because I know more about it and I’m also interested in the lives of the sovereign queens. What amazing women they were.9. What three novels could you read over and over?10. Tea or coffee when writing?Tea first thing in the morning and also in the late afternoon. A proclaimed Anglophile, Kayla has visited London many times and viewed the castles and final resting places of many of the historical figures in the novels. Her favorite historical figures include Elizabeth of York, Nell Gwyn, Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth I and her personal favorite, Anne Boleyn.

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SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11)   Maggie Terry, who teaches eighth and ninth grade Algebra at Shelby County High School has been named this year’s Excel Award winner in Shelby County.Terry, who began her teaching career almost 20 years ago in Florida, has made a dramatic impact on math instruction since coming to Shelby County two years ago.As the introductory Algebra teacher, Terry says she is setting the foundation for the rest of high school math.Algebra can be intimidating to freshman in high school but Terry stresses that math is more than equations. She convinces the students that she is teaching them to think. And they buy into the process.Principal Eddie Oakley says it’s amazing to watch Terry in her classroom. He says the students are learning Algebra and having fun at the same time.Terry was honored in a ceremony on Friday, May 10, at the high school. As an Excel Award winner, the teacher also receives a $1,000 teacher grant from LG and E/KU.Throughout the day, students and fellow teachers couldn’t say enough good things about Maggie Terry.In addition to math education, Terry says, she also has an obligation to teach her students how to use the internet for research and organize the vast amount of mathematical information now available.As with some other school districts in Kentuckiana, Shelby County designates its Teacher of the Year and the Excel Award in the same selection process. The Shelby County teacher is traditionally honored during the month of May.